NPC 17 in Fortnite, where to find it?

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Our articles on Fortnite NPC 17 in Fortnite, where to find it? We explain to you why it is difficult to find NPC 17 in Fortnite!

Update Tuesday April 13, 2021: NPC 17 sells 8 mechanical parts and can upgrade items. His name is Mechano. Find its precise location on the video below:

With the arrival of season 6 in Fortnite, the location of the various NPCs (the characters on the map) has been reset, and it is once again possible to complete its collection. However, the players who have been the fastest to complete this new collection have noticed something: one of the NPCs is missing!

In fact, it is currently unable to find NPC 17 on the game map. This is probably a bug or a deliberate oversight on the part of Epic Games.

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Where is NPC 17 in Fortnite?

When trying to complete their collection, many players noticed that it was impossible to find Robo-Ray, NPC number 17 ! For the moment, nothing explains this absence on the map, especially since it is the only NPC missing. There are, however, two hypotheses on this subject:

  • Le NPC would have a bug, which would be fixed in a future patch
  • epic Games would not have added NPC 17 yet gambling, for various reasons

The publisher has not communicated on this subject, we do not know for the moment what is the reason for this absence!

Concerning his location, dataminers agree that it would be possible to find the NPC in two different places, once it arrives in the game: west of Misty Meadows et north of Slurpy Swamp.

You will have to wait for the official release of NPC 17 to be able to add it to your collection!

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