NPC season 8 Fortnite, where are the characters?

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Our articles on Fortnite NPC season 8 Fortnite, where are the characters? Season 8 has finally arrived on Fortnite, with all new NPCs, in different places on the map! You are given the location of these characters.

The new season of Fortnite is finally available, with a brand new theme: Incubation! It is then time to say goodbye to the aliens, and to welcome the novelties offered by this season. For several months, NPCs have arrived in the game, with which it is possible to interact.

For this season 8, these are new characters that are available, in brand new locations on the map. Discover the precise location of all NPCs that you can come across in this new season of Fortnite Chapter 2!

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Where are the NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 8 Season 2?

It is possible to find the location of the NPCs in season 8 in the list of quests to be carried out. To find them more easily, however, you can use the map below. The location of each NPC is indicated there, except for 13 and 17, which are not yet released:

Fortnite Season 8 NPC Locations

1 Baba Yaga Where is NPC Baba Yaga in Fortnite?
2 Fabio Bellecriniere Where is the NPC Fabio Bellemane in Fortnite?
3 Jonesy Obscure Where is Dark Jonesy NPC in Fortnite?
4 Cor Where is the NPC Kor in Fortnite?
5 Twilight Where is the Twilight NPC in Fortnite?
6 The tower Where is NPC Torinn in Fortnite?
7 Jumble Where is the NPC Jumble in Fortnite?
8 Amanita Where is the Amanita NPC in Fortnite?
9 Penny Where is the NPC Penny in Fortnite?
10 Asphalt Where is the Asphalt NPC in Fortnite?
11 Charlotte Where is NPC Charlotte in Fortnite?
12 Jonesy Diver Where is the Diver Jonesy NPC in Fortnite?
13 Cube Assassin
Where is the Cube Assassin NPC in Fortnite?
14 JB Chimpanski Where is NPC JB Chimpanski in Fortnite?
15 Fish Cartoon Where is the Cartoon Poiscaille NPC in Fortnite?
16 crack Where is the NPC Knack in Fortnite?
17 Not released yet  

These NPCs should have similar functions to those of Season 7, and will also allow you to complete the quests of the different cards to fill in this season 8.

How to get NPC 13 in Fortnite?

To find NPC 13 in Fortnite, which has no specific location, you will need to:

  • Get close to a detour anomaly (these flaws that appear on the mini-map)
  • Approach it for activate the detour
  • KO the cube assassin, the main boss with a ! red above his head
  • The NPC should appear once the boss is eliminated

If you don't know where the detour anomalies are, it's these rifts, the location of which appears on the mini-map at the start of the game:

Approach the rift to activate the detours

KO this boss to finish the detour and get NPC 13

If NPC 13 does not appear, it is already present elsewhere in the game!

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