Obtain a Gravilancer in Fortnite, season 7 challenge

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Our articles on Fortnite Obtain a Gravilancer in Fortnite, season 7 challenge The legendary challenges of week 10, season 7 of Fortnite are available, and it will be necessary to obtain a Gravilancer! We explain how to do it.

Like every week in Fortnite, legendary challenges are available this Wednesday, August 11! They allow you to obtain XP, and to advance considerably in the battle pass, thanks to the obtaining of stars. Nevertheless, these challenges can sometimes be quite complicated!

This is the case of the challenge asking to get a Gravilancer. This weapon has no specific location, so this challenge can take a very long time to complete if you don't know where to look! Thanks to Epic Games (source), we know, however, that it suffices to look in three different places to find a Gravilancer in Fortnite: in chests, on vacuum saucers and in the mother ship.

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Where to find a Gravilancer in Fortnite?

It is therefore to three different places that you will have to look for get a Gravilancer, and validate one of the quests of the week:

  • In the chests
  • On the vacuum saucers
  • In the mother ship
  • From NPC Sunny

Arms appear randomly at these different locations, so it is not possible to give a more precise location to help you find one. However, you can go from Sunny to any party to buy the weapon from him:

Get the Gravillauncher from Sunny in Fortnite

Location of Sunny in Fortnite

If you haven't heard of the Gravilcaster yet, which arrived in patch 17.30, this is a weapon able to attract objects in front of you. You can then throw the object that you have just caught on an opponent, to inflict damage on them! The damage varies according to the size of the object, its composition and its throwing speed.

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