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Pet Simulator X game Roblox It's about players acquiring eggs, which they can fuse together to make better pets. Certain pets, such as legendary pets, carry a unique power called an enchantment. Players can enchant their pets through the enchantment circle.

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Pet Simulator X Best Enchantments

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In the Pet Simulator X game, we can achieve the enchantment circle, the one used to enchant our pets. This circle is situated on the Fantasy Planet; and to use the enchantment circle we must override the amount of a thousand diamonds.

In Pet Simulator X, we can achieve 3 types of enchantment, different from what certain pets have since in the game we can achieve pets with two enchantments, mythical pets can have 3 enchantments and pets from exclusive events have 4 enchantments.

List of enchantments in Pet Simulator X

*Standard Enchantment: their peculiarity is that they are enchantments that have only one level and cannot be updated:

  • Enchantment, Encanto: With this enchantment, players increase their chances of getting some bonus in Pet Simulator X.
  • Enchantment, Teamwork: As its name states, this type of enchantment will require each and every one of the pets to work as a team and in this way the damage provided will increase by one percent.
  • Enchantment, Super Teamwork: It is quite similar to the previous enchantment with the difference that the damage provided is increased to thirty percent .

*Leveled Enchantment: The primary feature of these enchantments is that they can be upgraded up to 5 levels:

  • Enchantment, Agility: By using this enchantment our pets will significantly increase their speed.
  • Enchantment, breast breaker: This enchantment is ideal for pets to open the large or rare chests of an event.
  • Enchantment, Coins: With this enchantment the collected coins will be multiplied by two.
  • Enchantment, Diamonds: In the same way as the previous enchantment, the players will increase the amount of diamonds collected.
  • Enchantment, Gifts: by getting this enchantment the contents of the gift boxes are multiplied.
  • Enchantment, Force: each and every one of our pets will significantly increase their strength.
  • Enchantment, Fantasy Coins: With this enchantment the fantasy coins collected will be multiplied by two.

*Unique Enchantments: the peculiarity of these enchantments is that they are produced in the pet's egg:

  • Enchantment, Sparkly: this is one of the favorite enchantments of the players since the pet will generate gems in a certain period.
  • Enchantment, Magnet: This enchantment will command your pet to pick up orbs on the map.
  • Enchantment, Royalties: This is the strongest enchantment in Pet Simulator X, since the pet will be improved by one hundred percent in its levels.
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