Place or destroy a trap in Fortnite, Season 8 Challenge

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Our articles on Fortnite Place or destroy a trap in Fortnite, season 8 challenge Kakashi's challenges are now available in Fortnite, and one of them asks to place or destroy a trap! We explain how to do it.

With the arrival of Naruto in Fortnite, a new NPC has appeared in the game: it is Kakashi ! It is possible to find it north of Lazy Lake, and its precise location is indicated in our article dedicated to Kakashi's location in Fortnite.

By talking to Kakashi, this one will offer you to carry out a series of quests. Accept to unlock the challenges, and be able to complete them. One of them asks set or destroy traps, we explain how to do it!

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How to place or destroy traps in Fortnite for Kakashi's challenges?

This challenge is not very complicated to achieve, the hardest part being to find traps! You have two options:

  • Find an already placed trap, and destroy it
  • Find a trap and place it yourself

There are quite a few traps in Fortnite, so this challenge can take a long time to complete. There is no no specific location of traps, which makes them even harder to find! One of the traps that you can find in this season 8 is the armored wall, which you can get on the ground, in chests or even in llamas.

If you find one, place it to complete the challenge! You can also pay attention to opposing structures and check if a trap is placed on it, so you can destroy it.

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