Raids of the month of December 2022 on Pokémon GO: Boss planning in progress and to come

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Pokémon Go players can team up to take on Raid Bosses. These powerful Pokemon aren't easy to beat, but there are plenty of rewards to be had. To beat them, remember to prepare and select your teams of Pokémon according to the weaknesses of the Pokémon faced.

Here the detailed schedule current and upcoming Boss Raids for the December 2022 on Pokemon GO.

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Schedule of Raids on Pokémon GO in 2022

Pikachu Winter
Sabelette d'Alola
Eevee Holidays
Darumarond of Galar
Polarhume Winter

1 Star Raids
3 Star Raids
5 Star Raids
Mega Raids

To participate in Raids, you need a Raid Pass. You can get some one per day by spinning an Arena's Photodisc.

You can also buy Premium Battle Passes in the shop.

It is also possible to participate in Raids remotely thanks to the Raid Passes from a distance. You can get them every week in the Event boxes, or buy it in store.

Find other players to Raid

If you're looking for other players to Raid around you, it will soon be possible to get together through the Niantic Campfire app.

This application is currently only available in Germany, but should arrive in Spain very soon. In the meantime, you can use Discord or other community networks to remotely Raid with other players.

Join the community CreamofGames on Discord, play Pokémon with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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