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The popular platform, which has been in operation since XNUMX, went down on October XNUMX, XNUMX and was fixed on the last day of the thirty-first week of October, XNUMX. Plus, When was Roblox removed and why?

According to the official report, the fact that affects millions of people does not have a specific answer. The massive outage has seen the global platform count drop by one million players, and engineers have so far been unable to pinpoint the issue.

Creator and director, David Baszucki, apologized for the interruption, saying, "We are grateful for the patience and support of our players, developers, and partners throughout this time."

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Roblox Was Killed When and Why

Could Roblox be about to come to an end?

As he stated, the Roblox research team was aware of the situation that affected millions of players around the world.

A message from the Roblox status account read:

"Seems like #Roblox is experiencing issues nowadays!” “We will inform you if we receive more information. Affected Services: Games and Account Information ».

But, the gaming platform isn't going to shut down forever and now it has ironed out the kinks. Gossip about the complete shutdown of the platform erupted from multiple Twitter accounts.

Some even posted images of an alleged "deleted tweet" from the game's official account stating that it will be "closed forever". Many others, however, speculated as to why the game went offline in the first place. Some think that the company did not update its servers.

As previously lied, they have all been gossip, which translates into bullshit. Until a report comes out that states the opposite, it is really difficult to keep millions of users calm, for this reason hundreds of beliefs occur.

What is a reality is that there is currently no record of Roblox going out of circulation. In truth, there is no obvious reason to end a game that is so successful.

From this website, we tell the players to remain calm and wait for new "official" reports.

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