Roccat floods Amazon with good plans for the end of the year

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The end of the year is approaching and as always, Santa Claus has tidied up in his hood full of high tech equipment to satisfy and delight all gamers on the planet. The past few years have been a blur for fans of precise mice and soundproof headsets. The exponential proliferation of the number of items available to choose the hardware the most adapted to his playing comfort made it difficult to decide what gem of technology will be perfect to improve its performance. And in this game, it's Roccat equipment which stands out for its ergonomics, rapid response and design

If you had to choose only one site to have your favorite configuration delivered, it would of course be The Amazon. The American site, founded by Jeff Bezos, has the advantage of offering the best prices on the market. The sprawling logistics of the online sales site allows it to have fastest deliveries of the sector for a ridiculous price. It is this strategy that has made the worldwide success of the brand, and it is this consumer comfort that allows easy access to the entire range of Roccat products without effort.

Satisfy all gamers

To satisfy all gamers, Roccat has seen things big. The list of products available may seem a little too long to navigate, so a quick overview of the best products available:

For a precise and reliable mouse, nothing better than the ROCCAT Kone Pro Air, with its unique ergonomics and unprecedented speed of response for a wireless mouse. With its five buttons and ultra-light shell (less than 75g!), it is the number 1 asset of gamers who want to perform to the maximum of their competence while benefiting from a reduced price.

Keyboard level, Roccat wants to impose itself on the market thanks to the Vulcan TKL Pro, an optical gaming keyboard optimized for performance. Its futuristic LED backlighting goes hand in hand with the titanium optical switches that equip the keys for a result close to perfection.

Finally if you only needed one helmet, it would be without hesitation the ROCCAT Syn Pro Air. Wirelessly, its 50 mm Turtle Beach Nanoclear transducers allow to amplify crucial sounds in play to take advantage of you. And for the glasses, don't panic, this helmet is made for you, since it is equipped with ProSpecs pads suitable for wearing glasses and adaptable headband equipped with memory foam.

As you will have understood, to improve online performance and in-game comfort, the best ally is Roccat and its high level product range, available on Amazon at the best price !

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