Secret phase of Raszageth the Stormmage in Mythic, what does it look like?

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Wednesday December 14 released the version Mythical du Vault of the Incarnations in Europe. It took no more than five days to that Echo et Liquid fight their way to the final boss: Raszageth the Stormmage. 

Thanks to these, we will soon know if the last boss of the Vault of the Incarnations does or does not have a secret phase in its Mythic difficulty.


Does Raszageth the Stormmage have a secret phase? 

For the moment, the suspense remains whole, since this boss could not be tested in mode mythical on the beta. It is after a relentless progress on the part d'Echo and Liquid that they now find themselves side by side on the last boss of the Cave of the Incarnations. 

Liquid gave us an impressive performance on the way down Raszageth below 71% of his hit points, wheras'Echo arrived until 87% of his hit points. For the moment, no secret phase, but we invite you to stay tuned for each progress of these two Guilds, because the secret phase can arrive at any time.

We also offer an article in order to know where in the Progress of Liquid liveAnd the followed by the Progress of Echo the European guild which does not intend to let it go. Also find the general progress of the international guilds as well as the French Guilds

CreamofGames also follows the French guild of streamers made up of Zerator, Lapi, Kusa and Kennystream. They are currently on the last boss on Heroic difficulty.

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