Secret Places in Brookhaven

Secret Places in Brookhaven

Brookhaven never ceases to amaze players, and that is one of the qualities not only of this cosmos but rather of each and every one of the games of Roblox. It's the best paper game for a reason!

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Secret Places in Brookhaven

How many secret places are there in Brookhaven?

Many players are dedicated to looking for those not so frequented places and that on the platform are a mystery. A little research was done on this website to see how many secret places there are in Brookhaven, and the result was surprising.

To tell the truth, before starting, we knew of one, but really there are more than thirty. Incredible! To be precise, there are thirty-three, considerably more than we think. Do you want to know where they are located?

Best Secret Spots in Brookhaven

  1. Cleaners: in the city you will find a building that has a sign that says "cleaners". Explore the site and you will see a kind of hole in the wall, particularly in a corner. Walk around and look for the one behind the wall and little by little go down the ramp. Once there, turn left and you will see a room. He goes in and turns on the light, and suddenly a little door opens in the floor. You have reached the lair of a criminal, you will find many weapons and objects of bad origin. You can stay and take a look, then get out of that area as it's not safe at all.
  2. Brookhaven Bank: a tiny path will take you to the top of the bank. But, you must enter a base that is just under the bank, it is called: "cleaners". Walk and walk until you reach the dome. If you spy on this secret site and have some kind of explosive, detonate and you can take a lot of money.
  3. Brookhaven Hospital: locate yourself in the main door and find a hole in the ceiling, if you are not located, look for the sides of the reception. If you are curious, surely you will want to enter? Then, stand in front and take a step back, pushing yourself into the hole. What you are going to find is really not very pleasant because it is a neglected section of the health center. A hard place where he has previously rehearsed.
  4. Brookhaven Cemetery: If you pass the graveyard, you can explore an indelible secret site. If you stand right in front of the tomb and drop down, you will reach an underworld with frightening sounds. Really, few dare.
  5. Arcada: if you get to the Arcade area and you look there are some stairs. Practice your curiosity and go up. Upstairs there is a nice anniversary area, you can have some fun!
  6. Csecret handle: This well-known house is behind the airport. It is easy to locate, it is the most neglected and it is right between a couple of trees. Do you think it is a safe site?
  7. Cave: a place away from the city. You must drive to the top of the mountain and get out of the car. When you see the drones flying, try to get on any of them and they will take you to an enigmatic cave.
  8. dark and scary house: There are many secret places in the Dark Scary house, you can hide anywhere.
  9. Walls: If you want to hide a wall, look for a box and jump towards it and you will see how you hide.
  10. Microwave oven: Go up the stairs right next to the garage and head to the kitchen. You'll find a microwave oven on the shelf. Go into the oven and hide there.

New secret places in Brookhaven

  • Dressing room
  • Pendant
  • reading place
  • Children's room
  • shower teleport
  • Restroom sink
  • Hidden Kill Point
  • Hairdressing
  • Entrance of the house
  • Sofa
  • Fire station
  • Luxury apartment
  • burger shop
  • Movies

In these secret places you will be able to find many surprises! In future deliveries we will be notifying you about more places and how to have access.

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