Sinister conch in Dragonflight, how to get it?

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World of Warcraft dragonflight, to the nouvelle extension of Blizzard for the famous MMO is now available. You can venture into the new areas of Dragon Islands to mount your characters 70 level and face new challenges in the various dungeons of the extension.

Some items are hard to get, creamofgames then offers you precise and clear guides on how to obtain them and their uses, today, we are interested in the Sinister Conches which will require you to have the fishing profession.


How do I get Grim Conches and what are they for?

The Conques Sinistres are obtained in the fresh waters of Dragon Islands, you'll have a better drop rate if you focus on fishing spots, which are usually next to a rohart fishing spot in Gros Malabard allowing you to use 5 of your conches to summon a big bastard.

By fishing these Malabars, you have a chance to recover sinister basins, loot one Malabard has a chance to spawn another one, creating a virtuous circle for the player.

You will therefore be able to obtain certain achievements by fishing with your friends:

  • Teamwork : catch a fish with someone else.
  • A family matter : catch a fish with 5 comrades.
  • fishing in the village : catch a fish with 10 comrades.

You can also show juggling rare throwing 5 sinister basins at the fishing spot. The rare juggling have a low chance of appearing. The best will therefore be to fish in these places and throw your sinister basins on Malabar Big Fishing Spots as soon as you have them 5. As a result, you can get the achievement Adventures in the span of Azur.

You will find fishing spots and rare creatures also called "Malabars" in the following places: 

Shores of Awakening

Fishing corner of the mouth near the Ruby Essence Pools

  • Siril, the Source.
  • Moth'go Planabysse.
  • Buf'ranka.

Burning Ascent Fishing hole near Obsidian Ramparts.

  • Skald the impaler.

Azure span

Fishing corner of Grimtusk close Camp d'Antonidas / way 58.81 32.60

  • Ravenous tundra bear.
  • flare

Plaines d'Ohn'ahra 

Roaring Dragonspring Fishing hole /way 80.81 77.70.

There you will find the following rare creature:

  • Rogue splasher.

Things to Know Before Going Hunting Elite Malabars :

  1. The fatal blow of juggling must necessarily be carried out on land in " drowning the creature on dry land. So that all players who harpooned the creature receive the loot.
  2. Fish with a Sinister Conch has a chance to spawn a rare creature. When you get the Conch your character will cast the spell SEARCH juggling. The spell will not be cast if you are not near and across from the water when you get it. Then try to drown the Malabars the most close to water possible, while being careful not to cancel the incantation.
  3. Elite creatures can be eliminated in the normal way, they can be looted by all players in the classic way.

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