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Have you ever wondered who is really somagamer xyz? Since here we gave ourselves to the task of discovering his identity. Firstly, because we know that these data move you. And in addition to this, by the fact that we check what we all really look for ā€œData and tricks of Free Fire".

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Somagamer xyz

Who is Somagamer xyz

In this sense, we notify you that the alias, pseudonym or ID of somagamer xyz belongs to Juan Carlos Castro Soma. Person who operates from SiquinalĆ”, Escuintla, Guatemala and one of his points of contact is the next [email protected]

On the other hand, somagamer xyz has an official site where it may sometimes request basic data or personal information. This with the purpose of facilitating and fulfilling the commitments established on this site

That is to say, somagamer xyz is both a video blogger who has penetrated the Free Fire community as he is a commercial ally of Garena International. Who are the official distributors of everything that has to do with the Free Fire planet and you can contact them through the mail [email protected]

What does somagamer xyz offer?

Now, the time has come for us to enter into matters of interest to each and every one of us who seek diamonds and this Website for Free Fire.

Well, it turns out that somagamer xyz offers free type codes (without any kind of hidden or illusory cost) for Free Fire enthusiasts.

In addition, somagamer xyz provides informative notes with updated data from the Free Fire planet. And according to their policies, terms and conditions, everything seems to imply that they come from a good source. Well, somagamer xyz managed (from its beginnings) to make a commercial tie with the official distributors of this survival video game.

On the other hand, always and in all public circumstances active on their website so that Free Fire enthusiasts can opt for diamonds. In such a way that certain gamers write sentences like:

  • Hello soma help me with certain diamondsā€¦
  • Soma, you can give him a refund id 4403833269 ...
  • Soma I really don't have any money hehehe make me a top-up...

Without a doubt, somagamer xyz is a die-hard Free Fire enthusiast like everyone else and he pays tribute to this glorious game with his site. Who, in addition to this, has a certain activity in most of the RRSS to gain followers on the planet Free Fire.

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