Spreading your WoW nets, how to succeed in the Dragonflight quest?

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World of Warcraft dragonflight, to the nouvelle extension of Blizzard for the famous MMO is now available. You can venture into the new areas of Dragon Islands to mount your characters 70 level and face new challenges in the various dungeons of the extension.

As in previous additions to the game, you will be able to obtain new quests, one of which is called " Tending his nets ". During this mission, you have to lay a fishing net in the area of ​​the Shores of Awakening.


How to do the quest to Set the nets on WoW Dragonflight?

To complete the quest, you will first need to reach the level 5 of Renom at the Rohart of the Iscarians. Once this level of reputation is reached, you will then unlock several quests. The one we are interested in is at Tavio “Manufacturer of fishing equipment”, in Iskaara.

Accept the quest To stretch its nets, who will ask you to put a net in the fishing spot from the mouth to the Shores of Awakening, near to Pools of Ruby Essence.

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