Strategies Terros normale et hƩroƮque, Caveau des incarnations WoW Dragonflight

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dragonflight, the latest extension of World of Warcraft, brings its very first raid from December 14, 2022: The vault of incarnations. This eight-boss raid gets the ball rolling and will have you facing Raszageth, the storm eater.

But before that, the second raid boss is Terros. This colossal elemental was created by the primalists to destroy their opponents. The latter is not finished yet but that will not prevent him from trying to crush you.


Normal and Heroic Terros Strategy in WoW Dragonflight

The fight against lands is a one-phase fight against the clock. Lots of elements will damage the raid throughout the encounter and the room will slowly fill with deadly AoEs.

lands stands motionless in the middle of the room. Place all of you in the same quarter of the room. A tank must always be in close combat to avoid activating tectonic dam. Furthermore, and the boss will use Violent commotions, which creates a line of damage towards the active tank and applies a debuff. Each time a tank undergoes this mechanic, change tank.

The Violent Concussion has another function. Periodically, players will be marked by the Awakened Earth spell. After a few seconds, the earth spurted out under their feet in the form of pillars. These latter deal raid damage every two seconds. Violent commotions - the tank spell - lets break these pillars.

The goal is therefore to destroy them with the Violent Concussion. When the players are targeted by awakened earth, they place themselves in line (line that goes from the inside of the room to the outside). The pillars will thus appear on the same line. Once the pillars appear, the active tank can get close and place violent concussion on it to destroy them at the same time. Be careful, when the pillars are destroyed, they inflict damage to the whole raid. Healers need to be careful that the raid has as many hitpoints as possible.

In addition to this mechanic, the boss has several skills.

A player will be targeted by Rocky Ejection. The raid absolutely must come around him to share the damage and prevent him from being killed in one hit. Once the player has suffered the impact, a second zone will appear. We have to get out.

When the boss reaches 100 energy, he throws Annihilating Resonance. This spell has a long channeling time and you must absolutely leave the damage area. Once the spell is cast, the lands inflicts fatal damage to anyone left in the cone and filled a quarter of the room with debris, making it impassable. Additionally, debris falls from the sky leaving AoEs on the ground. Always stay in the same part of the room because if you spread out it is difficult to know where Terros will strike.


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