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Playing sports in a game for video consoles is absolutely possible, and there are deliveries that are extremely enjoyable. That's what it offers you Roblox, but not with the usual soccer and basketball, but rather with Super Golf, a delivery in which you will become a professional. And if you want to win each and every one of the games, here we show you all Super Golf codes to use now.

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All Super Golf Roblox Codes

What is Super Golf?

Super Golf already by its name clearly indicates what it is about. It is a title in which you must play golf and advance in the championships until you become a ball specialist. And as it happens in real life, playing golf takes its technique, and it is not that it will be very easy for you just by using your phone or the keyboard and the mouse.

For this reason, we have certain practical aids that will come in handy:

New Super Golf codes

The list with updated cheats is as follows:

  • UPDATEHYPE - colored chest 
  • denis - Sir Meow hat
  • FLAMINGO - Cleetus skin
  • GROVE - Ball Chest
  • MINESHAFT - free hat chest 
  • KADEN - cat eye fur

Old Super Golf Codes

You can try these codes, although possibly one or the other is no longer active:

  • HAPPYNEWYEARS2020 - coal ball
  • SURPRISE - free coins
  • SPOOKY - free reward
  • free skin - Ball Chest
  • LAUNCHING – two hundred and fifty coins
  • BLOXY  - Bloxy Wings
  • MERRY CHRISTMAS - Snowflake
  • haunted - free gems
  • tonsofcoins - 250 coins
  • FREEGEMS - 50 gems

How to exchange Super Golf codes

As in most Roblox games, you just have to find twitter button which is located on the main menu screen. Write one of the codes that we have left you in the previous lists, press enter and you will automatically receive your reward if the code is active.

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