Sutom of December 21, 2022, what is the solution of the day?

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A new game is currently very present on Twitter: it is about Sutom, a kind of Motus in line with a new word to discover every day, identical for all players. Another version of this game also exists and it is called Tusmo !

Each of these words begins with an imposed letter, and clues are given to each trial according to the letters used. Despite all this, some words can still be difficult to find, and we help you by giving you the answer of the day.


What is the word of December 21, 2022 on Sutom?

Each day, a word made up of several letters has to be guessed in the game. The length of the word varies each time, and to help us, the first letter is systematically revealed. The only thing that doesn't change is the number of tries available: six in total for each game!

To help further, with each try you make, the game will let you know if you're on the right track or not with a color code. A letter red is correct and well placed, a letter yellow is correct, but misplaced and a letter blue is not part of the word. With a little thought and the help of the game, it is often possible to guess the word of the day in just a few tries.

- This Wednesday, December 21, the word of the day on Sutom is: BERRICHON -

We remind you in passing that if you are playing Sutom for the first time, there are a few rules to know:

  • Only six tries are possible for each word
  • It is mandatory to start the word to guess with the imposed letter, and in a French vocabulary
  • Each color gives a clue : the letters on a red background are correct, those on a yellow background are present, but incorrectly placed, those on a blue background are not part of the word to be guessed

See you every day on Sutom to guess a new word and on CreamofGames to find the solution! You can then share your result of the day on Twitter.

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