Talk to Tison and complete the questline in Fortnite Season 8

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Our articles on Fortnite Talk to Tison and complete the series of quests in Fortnite, season 8 The challenges are available in season 8 of Fortnite, and for one of them, you will have to talk to Tison, and complete the series of quests!

It's official, Chapter 8 Season 2 is finally available in Fortnite ! Brand new quests are available in the game, and these work in a whole new way, as some of them appear as fillable cards.

For each of these cards, you have to talk to the NPC mentioned to be able to unlock the series of quests associated with it. One of these NPCs is Tison, and his questline is called "Coming "!

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Where is Tison in Fortnite for season 8 quests?

To unlock the upcoming name questline, you will have to go to Tison, one of the new NPCs in season 8 of chapter 2. She is east of Pleasant Park:

Be careful, the NPCs take a little time to arrive, they are rarely there at 15 p.m. sharp when the challenges are launched.

Once there, you will find the precise location of the NPC thanks to the chat bubble that will appear on your mini-map. Just go talk to him to unlock the questline associated with him! These are then 5 challenges that will have to be achieved, step by step :

  • Destroy a chimney in Lazy Lake, Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park
  • Set fire to structures
  • Emote within 5 yards of a smoking vehicle
  • Set an opponent on fire with a pot of fireflies
  • Collect HP near a campfire

Each of them will allow you to earn 30 XP points. Enough to earn a few stars and make good progress in the game's battle pass!

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