Tarana and Raz in Fortnite, Arrow Quest challenges in season 6

Our articles on Fortnite Tarana and Raz in Fortnite, challenges Arrow quests in season 6 NPCs Tarana and Raz offer you the first Arrow quests in Fortnite!

With the deployment of patch 16.10 in Fortnite, special challenges have been integrated into Fortnite: Arrow Quests ! These challenges are given to you by NPCs Tarana and Raz, and can sometimes be complicated to achieve.

We invite you to discover the list of challenges below, as well as guides to help you achieve them.

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Tarana and Raz, Challenges Arrow Quests in Fortnite

In total, these are nine different challenges that will be offered to you by the NPCs. Sometimes you will have additional challenges requiring you to complete quests of atypical or rarer level, because you do not yet have the level necessary to move on to the next challenge.

Click on the challenges in blue to access their guide!

The quests offered by Tarana

  • Find Tarana
  • Get relics for Tarana
  • Return to Tarana
  • find the thief

The quests offered by Raz

  • Listen to the latest news and return to Raz
  • Obtain a Cult Talisman from a Guardian for Raz to complete the disguise
  • Obtain the relic at Arrow for Raz
  • Acquire a wolf fang, boar tusk, and three chicken feathers for Raz
  • Disguise yourself and hit three resonant crystals with the Arrow

These are the first Arrow quests. Others should arrive two weeks later, with other NPCs! We will update this article with upcoming challenges.

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