TFT: Compo 8 Brawlers with Jax and Soraka in Set 8

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The composition 8 Brawlers with Jax and Soraka is one of the most fun compositions of the Set 8 of teamfight Tactics. All information about this set is in this article.

The different sections of this guide are:

  • Presentation
  • Items
  • The augments
  • The course
  • The positioning

Presentation of the composition 8 Brawlers (Brawler) with Jax and Soraka at Set 8 of TFT

8 Brawlers is a synergy that more than doubles the max health of all champions Brawlers, an absolutely insane amount. Jax is a champion who benefits from prolonged fights, because it increases its damage every 3 attacks, up to 7 times. The combination of the two makes it possible to have an unbeatable composition with an increasingly dangerous carry.

Soraka is an effective AP carry over time and resilient thanks to her ultimate that deals more damage every 3 casts and heals her based on her max hit points. With its synergies Support (Heart), which brings more and moreAP to his team at each cast, and Programme (ADMIN), which is customizable each part, she will come to bring all that is missing to the composition, and will use the max life points of thebrawler emblem to continually regenerate.

If you haven't found a +1 Brawler, you can just play 6 and enter a flexible unit at level 8.

The optimal items

In this composition, it is necessary to combine items of Jax, then items for Soraka.


The champion's classic tomato onion salad formula: a utility attack speed item, like a Mercury Mantle ou Ultra-fast cannon, a damage item, like Precious Gauntlet ou Infinity blade, and a care item of your choice hand of justice ou Thirst for blood.


Le Precious Gauntlet is the best item of Soraka, it multiplies the given AP by Support with the critical damage bonus. Moreover, the giant slayer Deals a massive percentage of damage against targets with high health. In the absence of thebrawler emblem, a third item like the  blue buff is excellent.

The other items

Utility items for your other Brawlers like Redemption et  Ionic Spark are interesting. the morellonomicon is also very strong on Sejuani.

The best augments of the composition

Generic augments

In this composition, the augments must value the durability of champions and the length of fights. Ascension is therefore the strongest increase for this potential rugby team.

The increases giving +1 Brawler are the best, as Ancient Archive, to reach 8 Brawlers, which is not possible otherwise.

Offensive augments from melee champions like Electrocharge et Battle Mage will allow you to bring a lot of damage to a composition that can sometimes lack a little.

Second Wind, Stocky Friend, Improvised Armor et Exiles will capitalize on the immense health bars of the champions Brawlers.

Finally, alternative options such as Portable Forge, Traveling Blacksmith ou Band of Thieves, will make it possible to promote other champions Brawlersas an Sejuani ou Vi, with utility items.

The hero augments

The 2 hero augments of Sejuani et Soraka are very relevant to increase the effectiveness of the champion and obtain a copy of it. The carry increase of Jax will multiply the champion's power, while support increases such as those of Vi, Blitzcrank ou Riven will bring utility to the composition.

Game flow and victory conditions

When to level up?

These are usually the rounds in which you want to level up. Rounds marked with * are best if you are on a winning streak and therefore want to play more aggressively, or if you have a lot of eco.

  • 4 level : Round 2-3 (or 2-1*)
  • 5 level : Round 2-5 (or 2-2*)
  • 6 level : Round 3-2 (or 3-1*)
  • 7 level : Round 4-1 (or 3-5*)
  • 8 level : Round 4-5 (or 4-2*)

How is the game going?

It is important to go to level 8 to play this composition, because you need 8 slots of champions, Jax 2 et Soraka, and at least one copy of each brawler different. The early game must focus on a series of victories by stacking the Brawlers of tiers 1 and 2 with the help of snowball utility items.

The 1st carousel must be used to retrieve a Giant's Belt or an chainmail to try to combine a Solar Cape and allow for a winning streak easily.

Then just stack 4 then 6 and finally 8 Brawlers on the board, possibly doing a few rolls at level 6 or 7 to find a copy of Jax. One of the advantages of this composition is to have a simple and linear game plan, but nevertheless very effective.

the end of the game

Once at level 8, ideally in 4-2 or 4-5, you have to roll to get Soraka 2, Jax 2 as well as all Brawlers 2 stars.

Once stabilized at level 8, you will have to carefully observe the compositions of your opponents to choose between going to level 9 or staying at level 8 and rolling to obtain Jax level 3.

In the event of a final 1v1, and possibly level 9, it becomes interesting to remove 2 Brawlers among the weakest, to replace them with utility champions. For example, Urgot et fiddlesticks will bring massive crowd control, while Leona et Echo will increase the magic resistance of the whole team with Aegis, very useful if the remaining opponents have carrys AP.

The positioning

The positioning of this composition is very simple: all the Brawlers EXCEPT Jax in the front line, with Sejuani in a central position so that it hits as many enemy units as possible with its icy prison. You have to leave space for Jax to come forward and attack the opposing team. It is important to note that we place the most durable Brawlers in front of Jax, so that he only recovers the aggro as late as possible.

Soraka, for its part, will place itself as far as possible, in safety behind the Brawlers.

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