TFT: Compo Miss Fortune and Riven with Section Anima (Anima Squad) in Set 8

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The composition Miss Fortune and Riven with Section Anima is one of the key compositions of Set 8 of teamfight Tactics. All information about this set is in this article.

The different sections of this guide are:

  • Presentation
  • Items
  • The augments
  • The course
  • The positioning

Introducing Miss Fortune and Riven Section Anima at TFT Set 8

Section Anima is one of the most fun and intuitive synergies to play in TFT's Set 8. It's simple, the more the champions of the Section Anima make kill, the more they earn de maximum hit points. Additionally, this synergy grants attack speed and potency.

The main comp champions are Miss Fortune et Riven, which form a perfect tandem of carry et tank. They share the offensive and defensive components for an optimal use of the different resources. Vayne is another possible carry with Duelist and sylas can also act as a tank. And finally, thanks to Mascot, the champions of the Section Anima will enjoy massive hit point regeneration!

The optimal items

In this composition, it is necessary to manage to balance the front items on Riven and damage items on Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune

Le Precious Gauntlet is the best item of Miss Fortune, it multiplies the given AP by Section Anima with the critical damage bonus. Moreover, the giant slayer Deals a massive percentage of damage against targets with high health.


Riven is the bulwark of composition. She must recover all of the defensive components of the game to be immortal and give the maximum time to the carries to destroy the opposing team.

If you have any left items AD, you can put some on Vayne.

The best augments of the composition

Generic augments

Ticket dor茅 et Commercial sector are the two augments that allow you to have free rolls, ideal for making 3-star champions. On your marks, ready... on the other hand, you will get a lot of copies of the Section Anima champions if you are efficient and fast in your rolls.

Augments that can give +1 Section Anima are best for this comp, e.g. Antique Archives, because they allow you to reach the level of 7 synergy champions.

Durability increases like Second breath, Improvised Armor, exiles, and First aid kit will be very effective with the bonus life points accumulated thanks to Section Anima, while Preparation capitalizes on rerolling 3-star champions.

The hero augments

The 2 hero augments of Miss Fortune, Riven et Nunu will bring power to these champions and make it possible to obtain a copy of them. On the other hand, support augments, like those of sylas, Nasus, or mordekaiser, will reinforce the general strength of the team.

Game flow and victory conditions

When to level up?

These are usually the rounds in which you want to level up. Rounds marked with * are best if you are on a winning streak and therefore want to play more aggressively, or if you have a lot of eco.

  • 4 level : Round 2-3 (or 2-1*)
  • 5 level : Round 2-5 (or 2-2*)
  • 6 level : Round 3-2 (or 3-1*)
  • 7 level : Round 4-1 (or 3-5*)
  • 8 level : Round 4-5 (or 4-2*)

How is the game going?

It is important to go to level 8, or at least at 7 level, to play this composition because you need Miss Fortune 2 and a maximum of champions Section Anima. Throughout the game you will have to accumulate copies of these champions, which requires a strong economy. The early game should focus on the economy.

The 1st carousel must be used to retrieve either a component for Miss Fortune, like a  Wand too big, or a component for Riven, like a  Giant's Belt or an chainmail.

It is possible to perform a roll phase to stabilize at the 6 level in 3-2 by going to get Riven 2 et Section Anima (5). Waiting to find Miss Fortune, Ezreal is the bearer ofitems AP optimal, benefiting from the synergy Scout (2) thanks to Vayne.

the end of the game

To reach the top, it will be necessary to have Riven 3 and to be level 8 to obtain the 2 best legendaries of the composition: Nunu et mordekaiser.

Indeed, mordekaiser has a very interesting ultimate for this composition, this spell reduces the magic resistance of the entire opposing team by half. It will therefore directly multiply the damage of Miss Fortune, who will happily level the enemy board.

For its part, Nunu will use the characteristic bonuses of Section Anima (7) optimally t and will bring Mascot (2) to composition, for periodic healing as a percentage of max hit points.

The positioning

The champion carrying the tank items must be in the front line, in the center, to absorb the maximum damage and give time to Miss Fortune to cast his ultimate. The latter must be in the corner opposite the opposing carries, to optimize the angle of her deluge of lead.

Pay attention to the placement of mordekaiser, who absolutely must not die before casting. It must be firmly surrounded by secondary tanks like sylas ou Nasus, in the second line.

With this guide to Section Anima, glory is just a click away.

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