TFT: Compo Taliyah with Star Guardian and Spellslinger in Set 8

The Taliyah composition with Spellcaster / Star Guardian is one of the magic compositions of Set 8 of teamfight Tactics. All information about this set is in this article.

The different sections of this guide are:

  • Presentation
  • Items
  • The augments
  • The course
  • The positioning

Introducing Taliyah Comp with Spellcaster and Star Guardian in TFT Set 8

This explosive composition is based on Taliyah, supported by a battery of champions, each more qualitative than the other. With Guardian of the stars to gain even more mana and Lanceuse of sorts (4) for a massive bonus to magical power, she'll be sure to take out each of her targets.

Be careful though, it's a very expensive composition and requires a careful game plan. It is imperative to go to 8 level to find each different piece of the composition and the 2 star champions. Indeed, if the general strength cap is not reached, Taliyah will be too weak to eliminate his targets, and will just charge the opponents mana bars with his ultimates.

The optimal items

In this composition, it is necessary to aim for the BiS items of Taliyah, then tank items for frontline champions and utility for the rest of their friends.


Le Precious Gauntlet is the best item of Taliyah, it multiplies the given AP by spell caster with the critical damage bonus. Moreover, the giant slayer deals a massive percentage of damage against targets with high health. Finally, the  Spear of Shojin allows him to cast his ultimate as often as possible.


Once one or two tank items have been collected from Annie, and later Alistar ou Echo, it is important to combine a magic resistance reduction item to maximize the damage of Taliyah and be sure that she one-shots her targets. For example, a Dagger of Statikk on syndra or an  Ion Spark on Nunu is excellent.

The best augments of the composition

Generic augments

It's critical for this comp to get to level 8 as fast as possible, so augments like Higher level, Lucidity et cluttered mind are excellent. Likewise, Enrichment of the rich also allows you to reach level 8 early in the game and with a flourishing economy.

Cast augments like Axiomatic Bow et Cybernetic Bond will allow champions spell casters to use their ultimates as frequently as possible and thus utilize their massive AP bonus.

First aid kit et Battle Mages will increase the effectiveness of tank heals and shields tenfold, giving the team's carries valuable time to shine.

Unwavering support et Precious Jewel will provide massive bonus damage for the whole team, whileEcho de luden et Solar tray will generate residual damage on enemy champions. These increases will ensure Taliyah to eliminate his opponents with each ultimate.

The hero augments

The 2 hero augments of Taliyah, Janna et Nunu are great for increasing champion efficiency and getting a copy. Support augments like those ofEcho, Alistar, Annie ou Sona will improve the general strength of this composition.

Game flow and victory conditions

When to level up?

These are usually the rounds in which you want to level up. Rounds marked with * are best if you are on a winning streak and therefore want to play more aggressively, or if you have a lot of eco.

  • 4 level : Round 2-3 (or 2-1*)
  • 5 level : Round 2-5 (or 2-2*)
  • 6 level : Round 3-2 (or 3-1*)
  • 7 level : Round 4-1 (or 3-5*)
  • 8 level : Round 4-5 (or 4-2*)

How is the game going?

It is mandatory to go to level 8 to play this composition, because you have to Taloyah 2, 4 spell casters and all the elements of the composition around. The early game should focus on the economy and recovery of key components.

The 1st carousel must be used to retrieve a  Wand too big to Taliyah. Another option is to go on a  Giant's Belt to try and make a winning streak by combining tank and utility items on a Annie or an Alistar found early in the game.

Un mid game s'articulant autour de Super-adopted et Support with Annie supported by a Ezreal holding the AP items of Taliyah will allow you to reach level 8 serenely.

It is possible and even interesting to play 3 Undergrounds to generate bonuses while waiting to reach level 8, by recovering the reward after one or two levels of burglary (but not more).

the end of the game

Once at level 8, ideally in 4-2 or 4-5, you have to roll to get Taliyah 2, Echo et 4 Spell Caster, as well as any missing pieces that will complete the composition.

Once stabilized at level 8, this composition aims to reach the 9 level to add legendaries tier 2Including fiddlesticks which is great in this comp, as it has a lot of crowd control and residual damage.

To go look for a top 1 it will be necessary to redouble ingenuity by putting Urgot on the bench so that they come to drown the opposing team with their ultimates when syndra will bring them back to the board.

The positioning

Taliyah is the most important unit and should be placed in a corner of the board to optimize the angle of its ultimates and therefore maximize the damage it inflicts. syndra must also be protected to have time to bring units back from the bench to the board.

Tanks and smaller units will place themselves in the center, around Janna to take advantage of its weather bonus, with Alistar, Echo et Annie in the first line.

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