TFT: Compo Yuumi Reroll with Mascot and Super in Set 8

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The composition Yuumi Reroll with Mascotte and Super is one of the compositions of Set 8 of teamfight Tactics. All information about this set is in this article.

We present you the different champions of the composition, the objects they can carry, their positioning on your board as well as some advice on how to play the composition.


How to play the Reroll Yuumi comp with Mascotte and Super on TFT?

La Hero Augment Predator Accuracy (Predatory Precision) gives a lot of power to this composition, making yummi much more dangerous. However, it can be played with other Augments, like those of Galio, Malphite, ou Soooooo! (Zooms!). Either way, you want to play Yuumi as main carry by 3-starring her.

You want to pass a maximum of 3-star champions in this composition: yummi priority, but Malphite, Lee Sin, Gallium  are also interesting. Nasus et Gangplankare the lowest priority. Since these are 1 and 2 range champions, you can:

  • roll at level 4 in round 3-1 until around 33 gold (to be able to get back to 50 gold quickly)
  • boost your economy
  • pass level 6
  • slow roll to 50 gold to find the last copies

Your priority is to spend as many 3 star champions. Once done, you can go 8 level to return to the choice 3 Civilians with sivir et Janna, or 6 Mascots with Alistar et Nun.

For more information on the equipment of champions, find our following guides:

  • Stuff for Yuumi
  • Stuff for Nasus
  • Stuff for Gangplank
  • Stuff for Nunu

Teamfight Tactics is an auto-battler strategy game developed by Riot Games and based on the game League of Legends. The game is currently in Set 8, called Teamfight Tactics: Monsters Attack.

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