The Real MeepCity is Bad

The Real MeepCity is Bad

Some MeepCity players Roblox, have negative beliefs about this game. Since they have had unpleasant experiences, for example: that the game is quite listless since it has nothing new to socialize on certain occasions, it is difficult, among many others.

The Real MeepCity is Bad

The authentic MeepCity is bad Roblox

In the words of certain players who opened accounts in MeepCity, they explain to us that they have had certain bad experiences in the game. Now, we are going to guide in certain experiences of these players about the game of MeepCity.

  • The MeepCity game tends to be stuck as you will never progress through it. Compared to other online games that you level up and have different stages, in MeepCity it will always do the same thing.
  • In the different game guides, it is always and at all times that coins or money are in the background, this is not the reality, since you will not spend all day socializing, we want to customize our avatar, remodel our house, have a pet and to do all this we will need coins.
  • The mini games that are included in MeepCity are really a bit lazy, since you always have to do the same thing. Without any kind of alteration.
  • You have to spend hours and hours doing nothing in order for the platform to assign you money.
  • To make certain essential changes to the avatar you must be a PLUS player, and for that you need money.
  • In the in-game store certain items are locked, and to access them you need to purchase membership.
  • Since the creation of MeepCity, it has not had important changes, in the new updates it only adds one or another article, without making changes that attract attention.
  • Since it is a children's game, and in the chats they spend little and small, looking for a partner, having virtual relationships of high content.
  • The developers do not take into account the beliefs of the players to improve the game somewhat.
  • There is no kind of control to remove toxic players from the game.

In conclusion, MeepCity is not a game that engages for a long period, since after a few minutes the players tend to disconnect. On the game servers there are countless inactive accounts that have been created, enter the game and then do not log back into the exact same game.

Developers need to take into account the beliefs of the players to change all of this and result in a game that is somewhat more engaging and worth spending time on.

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