Throwing a toilet with the Gravillancer in Fortnite, challenges season 7

Our articles on Fortnite Projecting a toilet with the Gravilancer in Fortnite, season 7 challenges How to project a toilet with the Gravilancer in Fortnite? We explain to you to validate the quest!

Like every week, challenges are available in Fortnite. They now come out in two parts, on Wednesdays and then Thursdays. This Thursday, the epic quests of the week are available, and one of them asks to throw a toilet with the gravity thrower !

If you don't know how to do it, that's normal! the gravity launcher is a whole new weapon, introduced au patch 17.30, which you may not have been able to try yet. We explain how it works, and especially how to use it to project toilet.

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How to throw a toilet with the gravithrower in Fortnite?

To complete this challenge, there are two steps to follow: find a gravity launcher and then find a toilet. As you may have read, the Gravillancer is a new weapon that you can see in the trailer posted by Zatheo a few days ago:

Trailer of the new 'Gravilanceur'!

— Zatheo | French Fortnite Leaker (@zatheo_) August 3, 2021

To obtain a Gravilancer, you have several alternatives:

  • search chests: there is a chance of a Gravilancer inside
  • land on the vacuum saucers: sometimes there will be a Gravilancer on it or in the chests
  • eliminate an opponent: if it has a Gravilancer, you can pick it up

For restrooms, head to a town with lots of housing like Retail Row or Pleasant Park. Every house (or almost) has a toilet. All you have to do is use your gravilancer on it to complete the challenge.

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