Trial of Flood WoW Dragonflight, where to find the water event?

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dragonflight, the latest extension of World of Warcraft, was released very recently, so we still have a lot of questions. Today we will see what the event is for Trial of Flood and where to find it.

There is a large number of events and super rare in World of Wracraft : Dragonflight. They drop gear that scales with your item level, providing slow but steady upgrades.


Where to find the Trial of Flood event in World of Warcraft Dragonflight?

Multiple events are present across the areas of Dragonflight as the trial of the elements in Thaldraszus. There are of course many other events, such as le Trial of Flood being in the Plaines d'Onh'ahra.

This event gives also un chest that contains equipment that adapts to your object level allowing parts to be recovered up to 380+ level. This event only gives stuff once a week.

Direct you South of PlainsWithin Ohn'iri Falls. Here, the event should appear every one to two hours. You then need to find the opponent raging torrent and kill him. Once that's done, click on his chest to pick up a piece of gear that can go way above what you can find in Mythic Dungeon 0!

We advise you not to go and do this event until you finish your mythical 0 of the week to make sure you have as many item levels as possible before going to this event and therefore have a better chance of getting a very good item.

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