Trove All Prismatic Essence Locations Guide

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The Trove Splendid Summer 2020 event launched recently and offers players a range of cool new quests to complete. One of these new quests involves collecting all seven Trove Prismatic Essences. Once you have all the essences, you can use them to create a dazzling Dracolyte costume, which literally turns you into a dragon.

The guide below shows you the locations of each of the Prismatic Essences in Trove, including whether they come from defeating enemies or if they can be found in the chest. Some essences can also be crafted, and we'll tell you what you'll need to do for that.

Trove All Prismatic Essence Locations Guide

Prismatic Essence Pearl of Wisdom

The first Prismatic Essence can be crafted using a Pearl of Wisdom at the Radiant Dayspring workbench.

Pearls of Wisdom can be obtained randomly by defeating enemies and completing dungeons. They can also be found inside chests and caches:

  • Chaos Chest
  • Geodian top cover
  • Upper geodesic cache

Red Prismatic Essence

Once you craft the first essence from the Pearl of Wisdom, you can consume the first essence to unlock the clues for the location of the second essence, which is the red essence.

Go to the Dragon Crucible workbench at the hub level and climb up to its right eye. Jump into the eyes and press "Square" on PS4, "X" on Xbox One, or "E" on PC. This will open the workbench, allowing you to craft Red Prism Essence for 50x Dragon Coins.

Dragon Coins can be easily obtained by completing Hourly Challenges.

Orange Prismatic Essence

To get the third Essence, Orange, you need to go to Cerise Sandsea. You'll see an entrance to a spiral cave in the center of the biome, as shown on the map above.

Go inside the cave and go down to the bottom of it. When you reach the dead end, you will find a flowering marigold.

Consume your Red Essence now and interact with the Flowering Marigold. It will instantly transform into an Orange Essence.

Yellow Prismatic Essence

This essence can be picked up in a trail block in Ganda. Ganda, the Sky Shepherd is a rare mount, which creates a yellow trail of blocks.

This is how you get Ganda:

  • Treasure Islands Trip
  • Go to the Golden Vendor Ship
  • Talk to the Merchant of Wonders
  • Buy a Trove of Wonders Chest
  • If you're lucky, you'll get Ganda from one of these chests, which drop random rare loot. So try until you get one.

    When you finally get Ganda, mount him and press "Square" on PS4, "X" on Xbox One, or "E" on PC for him to produce a trail of yellow blocks. When you stand on top of one of the yellow blocks, consume your Orange Essence, and it will immediately produce Yellow Essence.

    Green Prismatic Essence

    Prismatic Green Essence is relatively easy to obtain. All you need is to craft three items:

    • green torch
    • Green Faernflower Pip
    • Insta-Grower

    You can craft a Green Torch using the Fairy Workbench. The Pip Faernflower can be crafted in the Dabber, and the Insta-Grower can be purchased for 1500 credits in the Flower Power Pack.

    Once you have all three items, place the Pip Faernflower next to the green torch and apply Insta-Grower. When the flower blooms, you can consume your yellow essence and harvest it. The Pip will immediately transform into green essence.

    Blue Prismatic Essence

    Blue Essence can be found in one of Trove's Drowned Worlds. Locate any portal and enter the Deep Sea Dragon's lair.

    Kill the dragon. You will see a cave entrance next to the exit portal. At the very end of this cave, you will find the Blue Orb decoration.

    Consume your green essence and interact with the orb. This will open a workbench, where you can craft Blue Essence for 6x Deep Sea Dragon Egg Fragments.

    These fragments are dropped by the world boss of Thallasion, which randomly spawns in one of the open seas biomes.

    Purple Prismatic Essence

    The last essence can be found in the Old Hub (the original hub), which was used in the alpha version of Trove.

    To get to the old hub, you need to go to coordinates X -2500, or just go west from the new hub until you reach the Sea of ​​Regret.

    Go through the portal and collect your cornerstone anywhere in the water surrounding the old hub. Then go to the very bottom of the cornerstone and enter the underground cave.

    Locate a player named Kevin. Once located, consume your Blue Essence and interact with Kevin. This will open a workbench, where you can craft Crimson Essence for 10x Heart of Darkness.

    Heart of Darkness tombe du boss de Shadow Titan à la Shadow Tower.

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