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New challenges are available in Fortnite, allowing to season 7 teaser of the game, which should be released on June 8th! Five challenges will be released in total, all themed around aliens, which will likely be the theme for the next season of the game.

One of these challenges requiresuse amateur radio. We explain where to find it and how to search it!

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Where are the amateur radios in Fortnite?

Those are five amateur radio stations which you will have to use in total to complete this quest! For that, you will have to start by finding them. Once that's done, all you need to do is to interact with thanks to the interaction button (E by default on PC).

To help you find these amateur radios, we have located enough of them for you on the map below, as well as on the various screenshots below:

Location of amateur radios in Fortnite

amateur radio 1

amateur radio 2

amateur radio 3

amateur radio 4

amateur radio 5

These radios are an additional clue concerning the theme of aliens in season 7! As a reminder, other challenges were released this week on the same theme, and two more should arrive in the coming days. Challenges already released:

  • Repair damaged telescopes
  • Examine the black helicopter that crashed
  • Use amateur radio

Future challenges:

  • Place road signs at crop circles
  • Destroy scary TVs

Don't hesitate to complete them all to earn XP!

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