Walls and shadows on AC Valhalla, how to complete the quest?

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Our articles on Assassin's Creed Valhalla Walls and shadows on AC Valhalla, how to complete the quest? How to complete the Walls and Shadows quest and succeed in your investigation in AC Valhalla?

On your adventure in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, you will have to go to Lunden in order to find new allies there. As soon as you arrive, you will quickly realize the rather tense climate that reigns in the city, so your role will be to try to calm things down in order to win a new alliance.

We explain how to complete the Walls and Shadows quest!

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Walls and shadows, how to do the quest in AC Valhalla?

First, you'll need to meet the ruler of the town: the Governor Tryggr. Stowe, his right-hand man, will guide you through the city to the Governor's Villa.

Only here, on your arrival you will discover Tryggr, decapitated. Your mission will then be to investigate in order to find those responsible. To do this, use your vision of Odin and inspect the room. There are a total of three clues to find:

  • The first clue can be found in the crates to the right of the entrance. Destroy these, you will find tools there.

  • The second index is upstairs. Climb the stairs and go search the office. You will find a letter there.

  • The third clue is probably the least obvious. Look on the ceiling, you will see a hanging man there. To get there, climb the beams from upstairs.

After sharing your findings with Stowe, he tells you about the Temple of Mithras which seems to have a connection with the murder. Use the crow's vision to find the exact position of the temple (not far from the villa) then head to your new destination. 

In the middle of the ruins of the temple, you will discover the entrance to a cave leading to a kind of underground temple. As for the investigation in the villa, the vision of Odin will be your best asset to discover new clues.

Entrance to the underground temple.

  • The first clue is quite easy to find: it is on a table.

  • The second index is a little harder to find. First, move the left cabinet freeing access. You will then arrive in a room that seems to have no way out. Shoot an arrow at the wooden palisade at the top of the wall. After climbing the wall, use your vision of Odin to discover the new clue.

After the discovery of these new clues, return to the villa to talk about your discoveries to Stowe and Erke.

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