Warning about the content

According to the official school of psychologists of Madrid, it is essential to control video games, so you have to avoid addiction and be able to play with regulation to have a good mental health. 

Epileptic seizures are also a common problem nowadays, since we spend most of our time between screens. Exposure to different image designs can alter our eyesight sensitivity, so any problems or unusual symptoms in your eyesight visit your doctor for better prevention. And if anyone in your family has had an illness similar to epilepsy, consult your doctor before playing.

You have to stop playing if you feel any of the following symptoms:



-Highly altered vision


-Eye spasms


You can return to play if your doctor accepts it

Recommendations of the good use to play video games:

-Stay away from the screen, and have the area well lit.

-Use smaller screens

-Rest your eyes for 15 minutes for every 1 hour of play.