What addons and software on TFT to help you?

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TFT's Set 8 proposes many changes, in particular with the addition of Hero Boosts or Hero Augment. With dozens of new traits, origins, and champions, understanding the meta, what to play, or just comps can be tricky.

To help you, we will present a list of addons, site and software which will allow you to follow the game in detail, the playable compositions and to have more information on the game. Flash à Meta TFT, here are the available options.


What are the best addons, software and sites to help yourself on TFT at Set 8?

The addons and third-party software are a subject more complex than it seems. For software to be accepted and not be considered cheating, it must neither provide an unfair advantage that other players cannot have without the software nor play for you. The sites, software and addons that we are going to offer you fall into this category Here is the complete list: 

Application Blitz TFT

L'application Blitz is very often used. The latter offers you the following services:

  • Monitoring the power of your board
  • Champion information, including important items
  • Composition tracking
  • Complete item cheat sheet
  • Follow-up of your next clashes
  • Overlay de stream

Install the addon to be able to see all of this in part. Be careful not to display everything at once and get used to each option or you will drown in information.

Site et application Meta TFT

Meta TFT is a very complete site containing a lot of statistics on compositions but also on items and augments. You can visit the site whenever you hesitate for an increase, for example, by comparing the win and top 4 rates.

This site also has a application which can allow you to track lineups, scout your lobbies, tell you the win % of each round, the complete history of your rounds, and other things.

Tier list TFT de CreamofGames

First of all, we advise you to visit our Tier list you see 8 before starting a game to get to know the game and in part if you can to read the detailed guides on the compositions you are playing. The tier list is updated regularly, don't hesitate to keep it handy!

Join the community CreamofGames on Discord, play TFT with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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