What does Manco mean in Free Fire

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If you are starting to play free fire, it is very possible that you are still not familiar with certain terms used in the game, one of them is the word "manco", which is nothing more than a term used to qualify players. If you are one of those people who do not know what does manco mean in Free Fire Don't worry! Well, we are going to explain it to you.

Note that "manco” is generally used to describe users who play in a good way in free fire. Although, if you have already played a bit, surely you have already heard this word in certain games. If you are curious and want to clear your doubts regarding this term, we invite you to continue reading our article!

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What does Manco mean in Free Fire

What does Manco mean in free fire?

This term or word is used to refer to a player who does not have good skills  and that he is not very skilled in free fire games. In other words, this term can be used to talk about those users who have a very low level on the battlefield, generally these are beginners.

In other words, this termmissing or missing” is a word that is directly associated with a person who has no hands. This means that for this reason he does not have good skills in free fire. As a curious fact, there are many memes that refer to this today.

Please note that for many players of this battle royale, the word “manco” is considered genuinely disrespectful. Since, absolutely no one wants to be called as having no hands or arms, which in free fire refers to a person who plays very badly and has no skill on the battlefield.

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