What does MeepCity mean in Portuguese?

MeepCity is a universal game as it is played in multiple countries. Each and every one of the platform games Roblox They bring the English language by default, so the platform has the option to change the language of the game. In this new installment we are going to show you what MeepCity means in Portuguese.

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What does MeepCity mean in Portuguese?

What does MeepCity mean in Portuguese Roblox

If your mother tongue is Portuguese, and you want to play MeepCity, but you have no idea what the name of the game means, here we are going to show you.

Meep is the name of the pets in the game, which can be purchased at the pet shop. And City is Cidade in Portuguese, and the combination would be Cidade de Meep, which in Spanish would be Urbe de Meep.

The Meep have a cost of five hundred coins in the pet shop and are the main reference of the game since they were created by Alexnewtron. In reference to the mascots of Club Penguin.

The Meep are round in shape and have big eyes, they come in different colors, and if you want you can dress them up with clothes from the pet shop. You can get hats, ties, glasses, etc. So that you can customize your pet to your liking.

Steps to set the language in MeepCity

Next we are going to guide you point by point so that you can configure the language of MeepCity to the one of your preference, in this case to Portuguese. And so you can get the most out of the game.

  1. When starting a session on the MeepCity platform, we will click on the 3 points that are at the bottom of the screen.
  2. A new menu will be displayed, which has multiple options that you can explore to be aware of everything that MeepCity brings, we are going to choose Settings.
  3. A new menu will open, with other configuration alternatives, we will click on the account configuration section.
  4. A box will appear in the entire center of the game screen.
  5. As you can see there is the Languages ​​option.
  6. Clicking on Languages ​​will display a list with multiple languages ​​to select, this time we are going to choose Portuguese.  
  7. Now we click on the X in the upper right corner to close the window and return to the main screen of the game, where everything will be displayed in the new chosen language.

In this way we are going to configure the MeepCity game to Portuguese, and you can enjoy it one hundred percent. As you can see, it can be configured in a huge variety of languages, since the game is preferred in many countries.

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