What Happened to MeepCity

From success to failure is the lapidary sentence found on multiple Web pages. But what is determined behind those words. We collect the opinion of multiple players about the game of MeepCity in Roblox, and the impression they had on everything that happened with the game.

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What Happened to MeepCity

what happened to meep city roblox

To learn a bit about the history of MeepCity, we must go back to its beginnings, when it was just an idea that had not yet been put down on paper. It all started in the year XNUMX, when Messrs. Lane Merrifield and Lance Priebe came up with the idea of ​​creating a safe online game for children.

The idea was born in the year XNUMX with the creation of Club Penguin, because of the fact that we mention this video game? Easy to answer, since this is the origin of MeepCity, probably if Club Penguin didn't exist we wouldn't be talking about MeepCity.

The Disney company acquired the rights to Club Penguin in the year XNUMX, and the authors of this game were separated by other developers who, in the end, never made progress on exactly the same game. The Disney company did not work on the Club Penguin game again and the company abandoned the project in the year two thousand and seventeen.

Taking advantage of the void left by the company, MeepCity makes its appearance to try to capture all those players who had been left in the air. The boom was immediate and the popularity of the game went through the roof.

The stumbles of MeepCity

After enjoying all the success achieved, the MeepCity game began its decline in the year two thousand and nineteen, which was something that could be avoided, but the developers did nothing to stop it.

One of the first debacles was the lawsuit filed by the Club Penguin fan club against MeepCity, as they claimed that they committed plagiarism by creating the Meep, identical to those of Club Penguin.

And what ended up ending what little success the MeepCity game had left, was the huge number of lawsuits for oders (online virtual dating) in the game. The complainants claimed that scenes of high sexual content were provoked in the game, not suitable for minors. And because it was a children's game, this was not well seen in society.

There are currently multiple lawsuits against players who favor these particular scenes, but the company has not taken any sanctions against them and they continue to log in freely in MeepCity. For this reason the game came from more to less.

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