What is KDA in Free Fire and what is it for?

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If you want to know what is kda in free fire and what is it for you are in the ideal place! Since in the article we are going to explain the meaning of this acronym. In addition to this, we are going to teach you the proper way so that you can get it in your game.

Remember to follow the steps in the proper way so that you can achieve it effectively. So, keep reading so that you can enjoy the advantages that the haha in this renowned battle royale ofFree Fire.

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What is KDA in Free Fire and what is it for?

What is kda in free fire and what is it for?

KDA is the acronym for Kill, Death, Assist, which in Spanish translates as Murders, Deaths and Assists. This is essentially a very common stat in MOBAs like DOTA XNUMX or LOL, the average of which allows us to get a rough idea of 鈥嬧媏ach player's skill. How do you get the KDA? Since you just have to add the number of kills and assists and divide it by the total deaths.

How to get the kda in free fire?

Adjust your aim

Many of the players underestimate the relevance of the adapted configurations. Just a few minor adjustments to the sensitivity and controls can go a long way in improving your aim and accuracy. For this, you must go to the configuration and play with the sensitivity controls to get the settings that work best.

Land in safe places

Keep in mind that most players know that landing in a hot spot can cause almost immediate death. For this reason, players often prefer to land on Clock Tower to spring into action. Plus, this can affect the K/D if things go wrong.

The strategy

The goal is to offset the ratio of kills to player kills, so there are two ways to maintain the ratio: kill more opponents or die less. Players can adopt a passive strategy where they come to the end of a BR session to get a booyah. If shooting is your thing, get ready for the belligerent game.

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