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For many people it is a mystery, what is melee in Free Fire? This sentence belongs to the most popular games of recent times as far as mobiles are concerned, so this has specific terms formed by the same community of players such as the word 'melee in free fire'.

And it happens that the individuals who so far start on the battle royale planet may be ignorant of the language used by specialists or veterans of the fields of war.

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What is melee in Free Fire?

Melee is a word that comes from English, in the world of games this is a term that has the term 'melee'

So it's related to games that deal with some kind of weaponry and person-to-person warfare.

With what melee in free fire ends a battle of one contestant against another without using firearms.

This because free fire gives multiple alternative options for melee weapons without ammunition such as:

  • Pans
  • machetes
  • Swords
  • fists
  • bates

This type of battle is used the moment the players agree to perform these attacks, melee warfare is ideal the moment the player descends on the playing field, since weapons are often not obtained anymore. before the first attack.

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