What is the Best Blox Fruits Sword

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In Blox Fruits of Roblox There are four different combat styles to face the opponents, and one of them is the swords. What is the best sword of the Blox Fruits? These swords are classified into five genres of strangeness. Common, Uncommon, Strange, Legendary, and Mystic Swords.

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What is the Best Blox Fruits Sword

What is the best sword in Blox Fruits Roblox

The swords in Blox Fruits, you can get them through Bosses. You can also acquire them in the store, through Robux, Sword Seller or through the Legendary Sword Dealer and by annihilating the NPC bosses.

In Blox Fruits, you can achieve five kinds of swords.

common sword

Considered as the most affordable of Blox Fruits and with the least damage produced.

Uncommon Sword

Recommended for beginning players. This sword deals partially low damage.

Rare Swords

They are the most used by Blox Fruits players, since in damage, they outperform common and uncommon swords. On certain occasions, they also outperform legendary and mythical swords.

Legendary Swords

They have incredible power to cause damage to opponents. They are used by the vast majority of players to fame.

mystic swords

There are three spades in this row. They are the strangest in the entire game and have the ability to deal decent damage.

It can be said that the previously named swords are the best of Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits Sword Types

In Blox Fruits, you can achieve different genres of swords, and each one offers excellent abilities to progress through the game. Now, we are going to leave you a list of the Blox Fruits sword models:

  • Katana: You can get it in the Pirates Starter Island and in the Marines Starter Island area. These are classified as common swords and you can get them for a thousand Robux
  • Double Katana: It is classified as a common sword, and you get it for the sum of one thousand Robux
  • Iron Mace: Classified as a rare sword. You can get this sword by canceling two thousand Robux in the Pirate Village area. Previously, this sword belonged to Alvida
  • Shark Saw: It is a sword classified as Uncommon and you can achieve it by killing The Saw boss. If you face the boss NPC, you will have a one percent chance to get the sword
  • Triple Katana: It is a Rare sword, and you can get it by canceling sixty thousand Robux in the Snow Island area
  • Pipa: This is classified as a Strange sword, and you can get it by canceling a sum of one hundred thousand Robux in the Snow Island area

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