What is the Best Brawl Style in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, you can achieve one brawl style. To get them, you must do them through the NPCs that are on the Blox Fruits map. The power of each of the fighting styles in Blox Fruits is related to the statistics of the melee combat. If you want to know what the best fighting style is like in Blox Fruits of Roblox, continue reading.

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What is the Best Brawl Style in Blox Fruits

What is the best fighting style in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, you will have the possibility to choose between one of the free fight styles in the game, which are:

  • Combat fighting style.
  • Dark-Step fighting style.
  • Electro fighting style.
  • Water Kung Fu fighting style.
  • Dragon Breath fighting style.
  • Superhuman fighting style.
  • Death Step fighting style.
  • Sharkman Karate fighting style.
  • Electric Claw fighting style.
  • Dragon Talon fighting style.

Except for the first fighting styles, the rest have new moves, which give you enormous power. To acquire any brawl style, you must interact with any NPC you get on the Blox Fruits map.

The abilities and powers of each fighting style are closely related to the melee statistics. To get the improvements of a style, you must use Buddha. In this way, you will activate mastery in each and every combat style.

With the mastery, you will be able to achieve a fifty percent damage reduction, but for this you must use the Buso Haki. With this improvement it will be easier for you to defeat the NPC bosses that are in the higher levels.

You will be able to visualize the letters of the movement, so you will know how good the movement of each fighting style is. If you're a novice, you're going to have a brawl style called combat.

Brawl Styles in Blox Fruits

As you well know, fighting styles in Blox Fruits depend on each player's melee stats.

Fighting style Water Kung-fu

You can learn it in the marine city, through Master Kung Fu Water. To find this professor, you need to head to the right side of the corner outside Lord Fishrman's Castle. Particularly behind the decorated wall. To achieve this style of brawl, you must have seven hundred and fifty thousand Beli. By achieving this, you will be able to generate a pulse of air towards the opponent, causing him to recoil.

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