What is the Best Breed in Blox Fruits

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As soon as you join Blox Fruits, you will be randomly awarded a race, which can be a Human, Fishman, Skypian or Mink race. However, in Blox Fruits there are two other races called Cyborg and Ghoul, but to achieve them, you must meet certain essential requirements of the game of Roblox. What is the best breed in Blox Fruits? Continue reading and you will know.

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What is the Best Breed in Blox Fruits

What is the best breed of Blox Fruits

As you already know, when you first sign up for Blox Fruits, the game will assign you to one of 4 races. You can be the Human race, the Fishman race, the Skypian race, or the Mink race. In most cases, Blox Fruits uses the Human race for new players.

Some events that let you get a race change have been introduced in game updates.

Update number 13

The Christmas event was introduced. Through this event, you will be able to get a new race, canceling ninety Robux to the boss NPC Magic Elf.

Update number 16

Introduced the Hallowen event in Blox Fruits. This one lets you change race through the Death King boss, for a cost of three hundred Robux.

Update number 17

In this update, the developers introduced a new Christmas event. Through this event, you will get the new breed for an amount of one hundred Robux through the boss NPC Magic Elf.

After getting a new breed in Blox Fruits, you can upgrade it to V2 and V3. This gives you powerful abilities. And you can combine them with the skills you already have.

If you want to prosper the race to V2, you can get it by talking to the Alchemist, who you achieve in the green zone and with the following requirements:

  • Be at level XNUMX or higher in Blox Fruits
  • Finish the quest in the coliseum

To get the V3 upgrade for your race, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must already have the V2 improvement of your race
  • Have the sum of two million Beli
  • Successfully complete the mission entrusted to you to get the V3 upgrade

It should be noted that each of the Blox Fruits races have a different mission.

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