What is the Fastest Vehicle in Vehicle Legends

What is the Fastest Vehicle in Vehicle Legends

If you know Vehicle Legends you have to know that adrenaline and speed runs through every inch of the map of these servers, so it is essential to know which are the fastest cars in the entire game. If you don't know what they are, stop worrying, in the article we are going to show you the top five fastest cars of all Vehicle Legends en Roblox so that you can choose how to acquire.

What is the Fastest Car in Vehicle Legends

What is the fastest car in Vehicle Legends Roblox

It is essential that you know that the values ​​given in this article are about the cars with the maximum tuning adjustment, so without further ado we bring you the top:

5. Still nine hundred and eighteen Spider.

When this car came out, it was lagging behind when it came to acceleration and speed, but upcoming server updates adjusted these factors and now it performs better; With all the tuning modifications, it can achieve a speed of five hundred and seventeen Km/h and costs just over two,000.000 credits. He only has one disadvantage and that is his poor control in the air.

4. Peregrine Manifesto / Selfish Lamborghini

This vehicle is one of the best when it comes to speed, since it has the capacity to reach five hundred and thirty km/h with its maximum tuning modifications, and its cost is one,000.000 credits.

3. Bugatti Battle Super Sport

This vehicle has a good top speed of five hundred and sixty km/h, however, it is ill-advised for Underworld races, as it has lousy acceleration and bad brakes. Therefore, it is not recommended for races, since acceleration and braking play an essential role for a good classification in exactly the same races.

2. Daemond two and Super Bill Axe

This position is divided, since the two cars have practically exactly the same performance. The Daemond is the last vehicle of the recent update, and it has an acceleration of five hundred and sixty Km/h, but with an acceleration similar to the Tesla 0 and it is worth about two,000.000; however, the Bill Ax has a speed of six hundred and one Km/h

1. Tesla Ruster dos.0

This vehicle has a speed of six hundred and thirty-eight Km/H, it loses against the Daemond in acceleration, but due to its maximum speed it beats the Daemond by far, transforming it into the first place of this top. Apart from being very controllable in the underworld, the aesthetics of this vehicle is very good, but when affected it is quite expensive, since it costs close to one,000.000 credits.

With this top you can already choose which car is your most appreciated, from the fastest, to the most comfortable when it comes to handling. But if what you want is to win races, the top 1 is your best option.

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