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The Merch codes or Merchandising, from Pet Simulator X Roblox, are codes that come in the products that are purchased in the Big Games virtual store. Such is the case of the Big Cat pet, which had to be acquired first in the virtual store, that is, to acquire the physical plush, which carries the Merch code that can be exchanged to obtain the pet in the game.

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What is the Pet Simulator X Merch Code

What is the Pet Simulator X Roblox Merch Code

When purchasing a product from the Big Games online store, we will obtain a Merch code that is attached to the purchased product. In the case of unique pets, you first had to purchase the physical product, and then exchange the Merch code to get the exact same pet in Pet Simulator X.

Merch codes are disposable, so developers make sure they buy their products in the online store; since, if they acquire the product through other channels, it is not guaranteed that the Merch code will work, since it may have been used.

To date, the only products that have been launched with this Merch code promotion are stuffed animals of the pets used in Pet Simulator X. And at the moment all these stuffed animals are sold out, we just have to wait for the company to launch a new promotion.

Steps to Exchange Merch Codes in Pet Simulator X

If you manage to get a Merch code, the steps to exchange it are different when exchanging regular Pet Simulator X codes.

  1. We log in to the Pet Simulator X game.
  2. Next we will click on the + symbol which is right next to the number of diamonds we have.
  3. At the top of the screen we will find an alternative called Exchange for Exclusive pets.
  4. Let's click on the Exchange option.
  5. A box will open, where we must enter the Merch code that we get when purchasing in the Big Games store.
  6. Then we click on Exchange to receive the pet of the singular event.

Caution at the time of achieving a Merch code

If you want to get a Merch code, safely and that works, follow the tips below:

  • Do not buy the items in stores other than Big Games, it is the only one authorized to sell the soft toys of the promotion.
  • If someone offers you a procedure to get a free Merch code, you will most likely be fooled.
  • Merch codes are quite limited and you just have to be aware of the promotions they offer in Pet Simulator X.

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