What is the PS5 green screen error?

The PS5 is one of the most coveted consoles out there, and even those lucky enough to get their hands on this rare hardware have had their fair share of issues. One of the most serious issues to appear is the green screen error.

The PS5 green screen error indicates an ugly motherboard in the console. Players speculated that the issue stemmed from putting a console into rest mode with a faulty motherboard. The green screen error causes the console to show splashes of green before crashing the console. The only solution to this problem is to call Sony Support and request a repair for the console.

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Unfortunately, due to the worldwide shortage of chips, more and more faulty parts are making their way into consoles. If gamers send in their console for repair, Sony will replace the motherboard and return the system if the system is under warranty.

At this time, we recommend all players to use Rest Mode sparingly, as even those with working motherboards are having issues with this PS5 system feature. Try turning off your console at the end of the day rather than leaving it in rest mode after every game session.

Rest Mode has been the source of several issues since the launch of the PS5, with users reporting repeated system crashes after using Rest Mode multiple times. If players encounter this issue, please contact Sony support as soon as possible.

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