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There are players who like to know the principles of their favorite games, by whom it was created and what it was based on to make history. This is the case for MeepCity enthusiasts who want to know everything about their favorite game of Roblox. Keep reading that in this new installment we will tell you what MeepCity means in Spanish.

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What MeepCity Means in Spanish

What does MeepCity mean in Spanish Roblox

You want to know the origin of your favorite game, in this new installment we will tell you everything about its author and the origin of the name of MeepCity.

The author of MeepCity was Alexnewtron, and the goal of the game is to socialize. The beginnings of MeepCity date back to the year XNUMX, inspired by the Club Penguin game, since Alexnewtron was passionate about this game, and with the departure of Club Penguin from the market. Alexnewtron took advantage of the space left by Club Penguin and created MeepCity.

The name of MeepCity is the combination of Meep and City in Spanish Urbe. The city of the Meep. The Meep are the pets of the players, these pets are shaped like a small ball as they refer to the Club Penguin pets.

The Meep can be purchased at the pet store that is located on the outskirts of the square. The Meep have a cost of five hundred Coins. When acquiring a Meep you must take care of it. They are shaped like a small ball and can be of different colors.

You will have the option to customize them to your liking. Since you can add a name, change their color and even dress them with the different accessories from the store.

Characteristic of the Meep

The Meep pets from MeepCity are shaped like small balls that will be smiling all the time. You will never find them sad or in a bad mood, the Meep has bulging eyes that cover most of their body. In the nights when they will rest you close their big eyes and change the expression of their mouth for a mini “o”.

If you are a PLUS player, and when you acquire a Meep pet, they are attractive in color and have a red mouth. All this to distinguish them from the pets of common players.

If you want to put accessories on the Meep you should go to the pet store, where they sell countless clothes, hats, glasses, caps, ties that are unique to be used on your Meep. In this way you will customize your pet to distinguish them from the rest, the Meep will always be next to you on your left shoulder, following you everywhere.

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