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Do you know what the first game of Roblox? Launched in the year XNUMX, it was released on the planet Rocket Arena, one of the games that at the time was the favorite of millions of players.

Not for nothing did this game set the tone for it to become the most successful massively multiplayer online game on the planet. And it is that, since the operations began, the author company has not stopped making launches or updates so that users do not detach themselves from their screens.

Rocket Arena for his part, he is not currently free. Really, many do not understand the reasons why the traditional ones are always going to be a great option for professional players. In truth, its older users demand a unique edition to remember these games that, apart from being a pleasant memory, give them the opportunity to go back in time.

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what was the first roblox game

Today, there are already almost a hundred million active users and more and more are joining. Now, the platform is full of enthusiasts and they have their eye on Minecraft. A game that makes players exploit their creative side somewhat. The Roblox team is also developing considerably more worlds and games for you to enjoy the experience.

There is no doubt that each and every one of the games that Roblox launches is successful. This is because they've been tough on oversight, and have a staff that plays first and determines if it's worth releasing.

The good news is that while these "old" games are not free, some of them have not been copied so that people can pick up copies and play them again.

Remembering Rocket Arena - first Roblox game

This website wishes to pay a small tribute to the first Roblox game, and the best way to do it is by remembering a little more.

The planet met him particularly in the first month of the year two thousand and six, and from there until two thousand and fifteen the updates did not stop getting one with nine million visitors. Many remember it with longing, since it was for the most part the sand was free.

In fact, the impact of this game crossed borders and was the starting point for other well-known games. Rocket Arena was removed due to incomprehensible circumstances along with multiple of the first official Roblox games in XNUMX.

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