When does the Blox Fruits Update come out?

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The latest update of Blox Fruits in Roblox is divided into three parts. The first part was already introduced in December XNUMX, and this has been the number one update. This update is dedicated to Christmas and has particular peculiarities.

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When is the Blox Fruits Update coming out?

When does the new update of Blox Fruits come out

As already made clear, this latest update is divided into three parts, with the first one already being introduced with update number one. the next two parts do not yet have a set date to be introduced to the game.

Features of update number 17

  • It has new levels, which go up to level 2200
  • Grants the ability to kill NPCs, as well as trade them for cool Blox Fruits rewards
  • Allows you to get Christmas NPCs all over the map
  • You can enjoy the Elf Hat, Santa Hat and Christmas Sleigh for a limited time
  • The Christmas Elf identifies for two EXP every one minute, giving a refund in game stats
  • It allows you the reiterations of races
  • You can get random fruits through the cousin of the fruit merchant Blox
  • The greedy Elf you will be able to achieve it in the second and third sea, and through him you will be able to get fragments
  • Introduction of new islands in the Blox Fruits map: You can achieve the Peanut Island in levels two thousand seventy-five to two thousand one hundred and twenty-five and in the Land of Ice Cream. The one that you will be able to achieve at levels two thousand one hundred twenty-five and two thousand two hundred, where you will be able to defeat the Queen in order to be assigned a rare drop
  • With the new update, a new Blox fruit called Soul will be introduced: By consuming it, you will get the ability to build mood meters and moods upon landing
  • You will be able to use the spirits on multiple game friends, thus achieving multiple victories. This fruit is identified by poisoning friends at close range
  • A New Awakening is attached which is called Arena
  • You will be able to enjoy a new sword called Amigo Espada: it gives the ability to cause enormous damage in close combat. All this is possible, by using the X movement
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