When was MeepCity Roblox created?

When was MeepCity Roblox created?

Alexnewtron is the professor psyche behind MeepCity. The main idea of ​​the game is to socialize with the rest of the participants. This game was inspired by Disney's Toontown On-line and Club Penguin games. In MeepCity you can alter your avatar to your liking, acquire a pet and remodel your house. Read on to find out the whole story of MeepCity Roblox.

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When Was MeepCity Roblox Created?

When was the MeepCity Roblox game created?

It was in the month of February of the year two thousand and sixteen, when Alexnewtron created the MeepCity game. This game was inspired by Disney's Toontown On line and Club Penguin mini games. Small mentions of these games are made in the game

The main idea of ​​the MeepCity game is to socialize, and the economy is in the background, although there are many players who want to get coins to buy the different items in the store to customize their avatar, remodel their house or buy a pet . In the game there are many ways to get money.

Meep Pets by MeepCity

Meep pets, you can adopt them at the pet store. When we get a pet, we can customize it to our liking, change its color, dress it with hats or crowns, and acquire different items for the pet, such as food dishes, a sandbox, and much more.

MeepCity Mini Games

In MeepCity, we are going to achieve multiple mini games where we can earn lots of coins in a fun way. We can make it to the chariot race, where we can win the biggest MeepCity coin prize. Ball race, is a quite entertaining mini game that assigns us different prizes.

Fish in MeepCity

It is a way to make money fishing, in the game we are going to achieve a lagoon where we can fish, from a dock, and all the fish collected can be sold in the pet store and thus we will earn many coins.

Plant flowers in MeepCity

At the beginning of the game we are going to be assigned a house, the one that brings around multiple pots, where we can grow flowers, which we must take care of and water, the time allotted to pick the flowers is 5 hours. After that time we can sell the flowers to the rest of the players and earn coins in an easy way.

The Meep City Plaza

It is the ideal place to meet new players and socialize, in the outskirts of the square we can reach each and every one of the MeepCity stores: the furniture store, the pet store, the bank, the pizzeria, etc. From the square we can go to the other areas of the game, such as the school, the health center, etc.

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