Where are the alien eggs in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where are the alien eggs in Fortnite? For the past few weeks, there have been alien eggs in Fortnite. But where to find them?

If you haven't played Season 7 much Fortnite, you surely don't know what it's all about when someone tells you about an alien egg. Don't worry, our article is here to answer your question! Alien Eggs spawn all over the Fortnite map and therefore don't have really specific locations. To validate one of the quests (or challenge) of week 7 of Fortnite, you will have to find some to mark it.

Marking an object is simple. On PC you just have to press your mouse wheel by default to mark an object. As for what to do to find an alien egg, we will explain all this to you in this article.

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Alien Eggs in Fortnite

On the screenshot below taken southwest of the center of the map, you can see an alien egg. To see them, it is not difficult since they have a green gelatinous form and make noise. When you see one, mark it and complete the challenge.

Alien Egg location in Fortnite (go to the purple areas to find one for sure and listen)

To complete the challenge, it is not necessary to nip in the bud, although we recommend that you do so to eradicate the aliens on the map! Be careful, when the egg is destroyed, you may have a surprise...

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