Where are the boats in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where are the boats in Fortnite? Boats will have to be destroyed for this challenge of week 6, season 5. We explain where to find them!

Every week in Fortnite, new challenges are available. They allow you to recover EXP, provided you complete the proposed quest. This week, one of them asks destroy boats.

We explain to you where to find boats in Fortnite, not to be confused with motorized canoes!

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Where to find boats in Fortnite?

One of this week's challenges calls for destroy boats in Fortnite. He do not confuse these boats with motorized canoes, which are also part of another challenge of the week!

The boats to be destroyed are the boats that are part of the decor of the map, and with which you cannot interact. They are usually made of wood, and it is possible to break them with a weapon or with a pickaxe.

Found everywhere on the map, you can go to two places in particular to find these boats: Craggy Cliffs, and the cove southeast of Catty Corner.

Location of certain boats in Fortnite

Boats at Craggy Cliffs

Boats at Catty Corner Cove

Other places should obviously have boats on the map, and specifically on beaches in the game.

Destroy these boats using your pickaxe to then be able to complete the challenge, which is not very complicated to achieve! This will earn you 20 EXP.

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