Where are the collectors in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where are the collectors in Fortnite? Find out where the collectors are in Fortnite, for the challenges of week 4!

Every week, weekly challenges are available in Fortnite, and generally, it is necessary to go to a specific place to carry them out. For some of the challenges in Week 4, Season 4, it is absolutely necessary to find " collectors ". These are not indicated on the game map, and you are told where to find them easily !

Collectors always appear in the same places on the map, but randomly.

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Where are the Collectors in Fortnite?

To complete some of the challenges of the week, you are going to need to go to the collectors ! These can be spotted from quite a distance, since at their location there is a red ray, visible directly from the sky. If however you are unable to locate them in this way, know that their locations are known.

Collectors will still be in one of the locations below, but they will spawn from random way. This means that sometimes you will find them at the points indicated on the map, and sometimes not. If you can't find them the first time, try several games:

Once there, complete the challenge you wish to complete. Two challenges are to be met for collectors in this week 4 of season 4: destroy collectors et inflict damage with the remains of a Collector. Do not hesitate to consult all our guides week 4 challenges to learn more!

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