Where are the contract tables in Fortnite?

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Our articles on Fortnite Where are the contract tables in Fortnite? Where to find the tables of contracts in Fortnite to complete them and validate the challenge of the week?

If you play Fortnite, you are aware that each week, new challenges are available, allowing you to obtain XP! These challenges are sometimes complicated to achieve, since they often require you to perform actions that you have never done before, or that you rarely do. This is the case of the challenge asking to fulfill the contracts of tables of contracts.

We give you the location of contract boards in Fortnite, to complete them and complete the quest.

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Where are the contract tables in Fortnite?

To succeed in the quest of the week, you will have to start by finding contract tables ! These paintings, you will find them in many places on the map, always in buildings. You can help yourself from the map below to find one of these tables of contracts:

Location of Contract Boards in Fortnite

You are therefore spoiled for choice! To help you find them, we have taken two screenshots of these tables. You can then know what they look like, and use the mini-map to have their precise location:

A Contract Board in Fortnite

A Contract Board in Fortnite

Then all you have to do is interact with these tables and complete the contracts offered to validate the quest in week 8 of Fortnite! You will notice, as you approach it, that a white circle appears, meaning that you can interact with it!

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