Where are the damaged telescopes on the Fortnite map?

Our articles on Fortnite Where are the damaged telescopes on the Fortnite map? We give you the locations of telescopes on the Fortnite map!

The end of season 6 is felt on Fortnite and Epic Games is already preparing players to welcome the new season with Challenges: Foreshadow. As with every season, the developers are offering Fortnite players additional quests to finish their battle pass and thus unlock all the cosmetics!

In this article, we give you the different locations of the telescopes on the Fortnite map!

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Where are the damaged telescopes in Fortnite?

The various telescopes on the Fortnite map have been sabotaged! Your objective as a player is to repair them so that you can continue observing the sky. For this, we tell you the position of the 5 damaged telescopes which are found on the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Location of damaged telescopes in Fortnite:


Telescope 1 damaged in Fortnite


Telescope 2 damaged in Fortnite


Telescope 3 damaged in Fortnite


Telescope 4 damaged in Fortnite


Telescope 5 damaged in Fortnite

Video guide

As you have noticed, the different telescopes are scattered on the Fortnite map. It is therefore unlikely to succeed in repairing them all in one game. Once in front of a damaged telescope, just press your "Action" key to repair the machine and thus advance in the progression of your challenge.

Completing this challenge will earn you 24 experience points! A reward not to be overlooked for advance through your battle pass tiers. A second challenge is already available if you have finished this one: examine the crashed black helicopter. Another challenge that prepares the arrival of season 7 on Fortnite!

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